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Popular Poodle Cuts

One of the trademarks of owning a poodle is getting their fur cut in different fashions. There is the traditional poodle cut, but there are so many other widely popular poodle cuts to choose from. Some people even use hair dye to make their poodle cut completely original.

For show dogs, there is only one acceptable cut. This is the traditional poodle cut, and it is the one that most people would recognize as a poodle cut. There are a few variations, but it is basically when the face and feet and legs are shaved closely. The pack area is left long and trimmed with scissors. Poms are left on the wrist and hock joints and the tail has a top knot. Variations include the puppy cut, where the hair is left longer in most areas.

utility clip for poodles
The utility clip is when the hair is clipped short all over. A top knot can be left on the tail. This is a great cut for summer or active dogs for ease of care and cleaning. The lamb clip is similar to the utility clip but with the legs left a bit fluffier.

bikini cut for poodle
If you want a low maintenance but fancier cut, try the summer or bikini clip. This is when the body is left slightly fluffy, but not too long. The legs are shaped with a pom at the base of the wrist and hocks. A tail pom is left, as well.

Another popular cut is the town and country clip. The face, neck, and a wide belly band are shaved closely. The rest of the body is cut with a slight fluff. A tail pom is always left.

When deciding on a grooming choice for a poodle think not only of how the dog will look, but how easy or difficult it will be to maintain. Consider their normal activities and your climate as important factors. Show dogs require a certain style, but pets can be fashioned however you desire.

Photos courtesy of dogworld.co.uk & poodleforum.com

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